Four Pathways of Career Exploration

Saving the Planet

Environmental Sciences, Sustainable Agriculture, Bioenvironmental Sciences, Conservation Sciences

Connecting People and Information

Computer Science, Coding, Technology, Information Technology, Web, Telecommunications


Helping People Live Healthier Lives

Health Sciences, Sustainable Agriculture, Organic Health & Beauty,  Public Health, Biomedical Science, etc.

How Things Work

Engineering , Aerospace, Aviation, Mechanical Techhnologies, Mathematics







STEAM Framework: Science and Technology are understood as the basis of what the world will go forward with, to be analyzed and developed through Engineering and the Arts, with the knowledge that everything is based on elements of Mathematics. MSKSI delivers STEAM Mentoring through four Career Pathways: Saving the Planet, Helping People Live Healthy Lives, Connecting People and Information, and How Things Work.  (See schematic below) 
This framework not only includes the art of aesthetics and design but also the divisions of the liberal, language, musical, physical and manual arts. The STEAM structure explains how all the divisions of education and life work together; therefore it offers a formal place in the STEM structure for the Language Arts, Social Studies, and the purposeful integration of the exploratory subjects including the Arts, Music, Career & Technical Education, and Physical Education divisions of public education.
Mentoring as a Delivery Model: To keep women and people of color engaged in STEM, we must ignite an early passion for these topics, provide mentors and role models, and emphasize subject relevance. Research supports that not seeing one's reflection in teachers or other students makes one feel as if she doesn't belong.
The need for role models to help girls overcome the "impostor" syndrome cannot be emphasized enough. Through engagements with STEAM Mentors, MSKSI provide opportunities for students to fall in love with various careers in STEM/STEAM, so that when they enter the bumpy STEM pipeline, they'll have a passion that fuels them to proceed through it. 

STEAM Mentoring Program Overview

Engineering Design Process