Mentor  Requirements

Are you a STEM Industry Professional who has a desire to give back?
Do you have a strong desire to encourage young women in underrepresented groups to pursue and successfully achieve higher education and career paths in STEM?  
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STEAM Mentor : First Step

-Consider which STEAM Pathway you are interested in Mentoring: Helping People Live Healthier Lives (Health Sciences), Saving The Planet (Environmental Science), Connecting People & Information (Technology) or Making Things Work (Engineering/Technical Mechanics).  


-You also have an option to be a mentor for Personal & Professional Development, which focuses on self-esteem and self-care, confidence, communication, and professional presentation.

STEAM Mentor: Second Step

-Fill out the online application.  

-You must agree to a detailed background check in order to participate in this program.  

-Based on your experience, interest, and profession, you will be assigned to a pathway or program based on your best fit and match for your qualifications.  

-All mentors are required to participate in mentor training once the background check has been completed and is returned clear.  


* Upated resume and or employment history must be uploaded in the application or emailed to:

-Once the application and resume/employment summary have been received, you will be notified if an interview is requested. 

-On completion of the application and interview process, the Volunteer Mentor Agreement, background check, and training is required and must be successfully completed before mentoring sessions are scheduled.

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