Half-Day Workshops

Half-day workshops are focused on key areas such as the Arts, Entrepreneurship, College Planning, special topics in Technology and Financial Literacy.  
Half-day workshops are typically 4 hours, but some special events within a series may be longer.
This workshop series centers on entrepreneurship and financial literacy.  Topics Include Business Start-Up, Business 101, From Idea to Pitch Presentation, Mind Your Money, Raising Capital, Shark Tank Pitch Competitions and more!

College Planning Workshops 
These workshops are intended to give parents and students early starts in the planning for college and higher education.  Partners are invited to participate as guest speakers from various education and financial institutions.
ARTS Workshops
Creativity is the catalyst for innovation!  MSKSI brings the arts into all aspects of learning to inspire, imagine and create new solutions to everyday problems.  Students will have the opportunity to make the connection between their creativity and their ability to see and think outside the box!
Technology Workshops
From 3-D printing to gaming, technology is everywhere and is changing everything!  Keep your girls in the know with our cutting edge tech workshops and watch her get ignited to innovate with tech!