2019 News & Current Events​​

Empower Her - Mentoring Rising Stars Conference was a huge success!
PostedDec 9. 2019
We had a wonderful time celebrating GIRL POWER and recognizing the accomplishments of our girls who participated in MSKSI Programs in 2019!  Thanks to all the mentors, sponsors, supporters, donors and volunteers who made this day a memorable time and a great way to end 2019! More photos here
MSKSI participates in the San Diego Girls In Aviation Day (GIAD) on the USS Midway
Posted Oct 6. 2019
The girls had a lot of interactive activities including exploring the planes on the flight deck, experimenting with flight simulators, and hearing from women in aviation who shared their journey as fly girls! One aviator even shared a bit of history about Bessie Coleman, who was of African and Native American descent who pioneered women in aviation long before Amelia Earhart! #flygirls #msksi_steam #GIAD2019✈🛩🙆🏽‍♀️19
MSKSI is in the news!  San Diego Voyager Interview with MSKSI Founder, Kristen Newsome
Posted Sep 3. 2019
Read the interview with SD Voyager and MSKSI Founder, Kristen Newsome here!
Second Annual Fundraiser- Wine Tasting and Donor Appreciation Event - 10 August
Posted Aug 12. 2019
We had a great turnout at MSKSI's second annual fundraising event held in Temecula, CA at Wine and More. Donors learned about our upcoming events and programs, heard the stories of our participants, and enjoyed tasting great wine and appetizers!  Participants learned about the ease of donating through text to give and pledges all from your smartphone!
MSKSI School of Awake Personal Development Program 
Posted July 22. 2019
The young women who participated in the MSKSI School of Awake learned about becoming their best selves by understanding their strengths, communication style, how words can positively and negatively affect self and others, how to overcome challenges successfully, and strategies for physical, emotional and social self-care.
MSKSI explores being an Engineer for a Day at NG!
Posted June 22. 2019
We had a blast exploring the world of aerospace engineering at NG in Redondo Beach.  The girls made satellites out of sweets, observed 3-d printing, had fun viewing the John Mays Telescope, and designed a fort out of random materials! A panel of women engineers shared about their experience at NG and breaking barriers in a male-dominated industry.
MSKSI had two amazing workshops this spring, focused on ARTS and Entrepreneurship!
Posted May 29. 2019
We blazed a new trail this year with the addition of two half-day workshops designed to inspire and ignite creativity!  The girls had fun creating unique interpretations of an artistic landscape and then had an awesome day of empowerment from our dynamic panel of BossLadies who helped navigate the waters of owning and running a business!  We even had a 13 year old teenpreneur who participated on the panel, offering words of encouragement and challenged our girls to DO IT NOW!  Our own rising star moderated the panel and did a phenomenal job!
MSKSI girls were "Thinking Outside the Box" during our Create Innovation Pathway!
Posted March 18. 2019
The girls were challenged to find innovative ways of thinking and problem solving during our second STEAM Pathway of the year!  We took a fun field trip to Brainy Actz, an escape room in Temecula, and had an opportunity to win the "Legacy" inheritance of $1,000,000.00 (not really) of our deceased uncle who was a world traveler and explorer who left clues in his office for us to discover the hidden treasure. It was the ultimate puzzle, and the girls were definitely challenged to use the whole team's brain power to figure it out!
Celebrating International Women's Day on March 8th! 🙆🏽‍♀️🌍👩🏽‍💻🚀🎨💡 MSKSI Interviews Dr. Alisha Wilkins, Chairwoman of the California Commission on the Status of Women and Girls
Posted March 9, 2019
We celebrate International Women's Day with an interview that inspired us to continue the work of engaging girls--especially girls of color--in STEAM!  Watch the Facebook Live below and join the STEAM revolution!
MSKSI visits Lush Cosmetics in Escondido, CA and discovers how one environmentally conscious corporation helps keep humans and the environment safe and business practices humane!
Posted February 2, 2019
MSKSI Environmental Science Pathway participants took a field trip to LushCosmetics, a cosmetic and personal care product company that uses only the best in organic vegetables and fruits, essential oils and safe synthetic materials to create beauty products that are saved for the body and the environment. We got to test just about every product in the store and it was all amazing! Bath bombs, lip scrubs, body creams... you name it Lush has it! Lush commits to not doing business with companies that conduct any animal testing of their products and only use materials that are safe for humans. We learned about initiatives that Lush provides in support of charitable nonprofits doing good work in the community. Thanks to Jamie and his staff at the Escondido location for making our day memorable!
MSKSI joins the MLK Day Parade sponsored by the Inland Empire Men's Club in Murrieta, CA
Posted January 23, 2019
The girls and team of MSKSI honored the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King by participating in the annual MLK Day Parade in Murrieta, CA.  We are girls changing the world and we are proud to say it loud!